Monday, December 26, 2005

a story gone wrong!

It was drama all day long at least for me. Saw a story about a couple on a blog yesterday night and i mailed to my office id to enable myself to take a print of it which i did today morning. But as events would have it, i forgot to collect the print from the printer and the pages landed in the hands of Manohar and as is his style he promptly delivered the papers to NS Prasad/Bhagwati thinking it to be a similar case as that happened in July/Aug. The papers then were brought to the notice of the DGM who read through them and seeing my name called me to ask about them. I confessed and told him in clear terms that it contains a story and nothing of the sort experienced by the department few months ago. Though he understood, he asked me to be careful with the personal prints.
Think that it was the best that he could do.
We bode farewell to Vamdev and Anil for their joining UTI Bank. Kishore and Girish are in line and many more in next one/two years.


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