Saturday, December 03, 2005

It's the pressure, Stupid

What else could it be? Am banging my head with Mr Singhania & Mrs. Singhani (the authors of the book “Students’ Guide to Taxation) for the last 4 days now. And everything seems to defeat rocket science (actually rocket science has total logic but taxation – naah). It just reminds me of my condition when in school & college – jittery, panicky, trembling, hungry, sleepy – when I used to study that most dreaded subject on the earth – “chemistry” (God saved me somehow, why - I don’t know)
But chemistry still had some logic, but this taxation – my Lord. Do the people in IT department have any brains? Or is the neural matter composed of only white matter and the grey color has faded away? Why can’t they keep it simple. Someone surely needs to give them a KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid)
Anyway, today I gave myself this day as the last day for studying taxation. And am astonished how easy the things start seeming to be. Don’t tell me that am reading the easier portions of the subject. But I am certain, it’s the pressure that’s making the mind and the grey matter in it work (am glad my grey matter hasn’t faded yet).

Nothing much to write about since my last post, mainly because nothing was allowed to happen as I am on leave from office studying tax – can anything worse happen ? Hope it ends smooth on 7th dec and I can get back to reading Marx.


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