Thursday, November 24, 2005

Day with mixed feelings

Two things of import happened during the day. The DGM got transferred. Yes, it was surprising. Though the news had reached us last week but the likely consequences were felt today. Actually, it’s a fact that we don’t get to see the positive qualities of a person till the time (s)he is close or near but the moment the distance increases to make him/her not easily available, one gets to know the value that person held. But in his own style of being high on personal matters, the DGM called each section of the DT and had a close face to face one to one talk. I have never experienced a more nice gesture from a boss who is bidding good-bye. Wishing him all success.
Next is matter of my being in turmoil concerning my MBA and my job. The news that PAD is contemplating transfer of guys pursuing MBA just because few of our other colleagues have quit the job to join UTI Bank, kept me on my wits end for over a month now. But Arvind has come to my rescue and I hold the faith. Still I think I need to ready to face the event of my resignation.

The days seem heavy and long drawn.


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