Sunday, November 20, 2005


Quiet a short day it was.
Nothing much to do, so read the last one week newspapers which were lying unattended due to exams.
Here is a nice article in todays TOI.


Spiritual VIBES

Who said God doesn’t have an interesting sense of humour, asks Mark Pitstick

   Relationships are one of the best and toughest paths to self-realisation. Yogis who fast, remain celibate, take vows of poverty, and live in caves have selected a difficult course. But that’s child’s play compared to being a house-holder, a term used in India for one who pursues the spiritual path while having a job, raising a family, maintaining a home and all the concomitant responsibilities. Now that is an arduous path! Some say soulmates are the ones who can push our buttons the best and who drive us crazy at times.    Others believe that everything flows effortlessly and peacefully with soulmates. Either may be true at different times depending on the agendas of the souls involved. Who said God doesn’t have an interesting sense of humour!    The issue of relationships becomes very interesting when we remember we each are eternal souls. Relationships are not coincidental or unimportant. Think of the thousands of persons we encounter in our lifetimes; why do we form close and lasting relationships with one person but not another? We have to deal with recurring negative relation-ships sooner or later. Why not now?    Don’t be held back and experience a hell of lower quality living because of unresolved relationship issues. Serious spiritual seekers will make optimal relationships a priority. Love is the key and relationships provide a life long workshop for giving and receiving love. If persistent problems plague your relationships, consider the soul or karma aspects in addition to usual counselling considerations.    One way to discern if you’re relating to a soulmate is to recall the first time you met in this life. Remember the description of memory triggers or cues that are planned just before souls return for new incarnations? In reviewing my first meetings with loved ones, time seemed to stand still for a moment. My brain seemed to whirr faster than usual as if trying to comprehend the various energies and feelings. I felt happy inside as our eyes met and we held the gaze longer than customary or comfortable during first meetings.    As one progresses toward greater personal growth and heightened consciousness, relationships may encounter a new type of stress. The relationship may suffer if the gulf widens and interests remain markedly different. The rapidly changing partner may be in an overzealous or self-actualising phase while the more orthodox partner may be content with the status quo. Spiritual wake-up calls may be misinterpreted as a marital problem.    A major key to healthy relationships is to see the Divinity in each other. Relationships based solely on lower chakra energies of physical attraction, dependency issues, and money are break-ups waiting to happen. The body may grow old and the mind feeble but, viewed through eyes of love, the soul’s beauty always shines through.    Recall your first loves and how you were thrilled to look deeply into each other’s eyes, the windows of the soul. The problem is, most people limit opening their hearts to just a few others. Then they’re crushed when the relationship ends by death or parting. When first encountering fourth chakra energies, perhaps during puppy love, we may erroneously think love is something we can lose. As we grow into higher awareness, we realise love is inside and all around us. Love does not come from another person nor can it be lost since we are beings of Love. Then, whether in a relationship or not, we’re always enjoying an internal state of Love. Brian Weiss says “From the experiences that some of my patients have in the between-lives state, I have come to believe that we actually pick our families for each lifetime before birth. We chose to live out the patterns that will afford us the most growth with the souls that will most effectively manifest these situations in our lives. Very often, these are souls we have met and interacted with in many ways in other lifetimes.’’ If we picked each other, let’s love and appreciate one another and — when it’s time — let go lightly, remembering the Truth.    The older I get, the more I value loved ones. I love my family, and friends and, during trying times, know that they are providing the perfect environment for soul growth. Real friends are there to share. Loved ones are worth their weight in gold and are a key ingredient for spiritual progress.


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