Thursday, November 17, 2005

Good News

Good news! Dad got discharged today. The doc is confident that the stone will drain away through hydro-therapy. Anyhow, the process of discharge took most part of my day. It was 2 pm when we reached back home. I then decided to take a good sleep and do “jagran” the whole night and that’s what I plan to do. I have, almost gone through all the topics once. A good second revision is to start now. Then I will set on to mug up some things while digest some important points that will help me in building answers.
Wishing myself best of luck.

A nice pic i received in mail today.
Look at the pic. Concentrate and u see one pink dot moving round. Then concentrate on the central "+" and the color of the dot changes to green. Further concentration on "+" will dissappear the pink dots and only one green dot seems to be encircling. However, in actual there is no green dot, its illusionary and affect of the same on our brain.

Click on the image to get full working pic.


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