Sunday, November 13, 2005

"Accidental" day

The day was OK. The training was better. The last day of the program did indeed teach the intricacies in the swap pricing. It’s an exciting world out there. Wish to be a part of it.
There’s so much to explore.
The journey back home was “accidental”. Had a minor accident while driving back to home from the Bvli station. Index finger got badly bruised, with the cover for the nail root more or less peeled off. Good amount of blood spilled. I had no choice but to drive till I found a clinic. It was a strange feeling with the finger bleeding and me driving and looking around for a doc. But all the clinics that I came across were closed as the time was around 4.30pm – the time for a siesta. Eventually, searching for a doc I reached close to my house. Then the good old chemist in the neighborhood helped me out by telling me the way to a maternity clinic of which I was not aware of. The nurse was kind. She offered me water & cleansed my wound on the finger. Well trained she seemed to be too as she could remove the hanging skin with ease and did not cause much pain to me. Though the bandage was loose, I did not mind. She also injected me with Tetanus and asked me to see the doc tomm evening.
Now I am in double mind of going to office tomm or taking a leave. But I think I should go. Nothing’s pending but I will be glad to see the note on swap dispatched. Worked hard on it and so, want to be present when it sails for the HO. If I go, I will try to leave early and then start with my Sem 1 preps.
The calf is paining a lot.
It will be better if I lie on the bed and do some reading.


Blogger Rod said...

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Blogger sweeti said...

An accidental day is not at all bad if u get a gud friend at the end...well working days are alwez BAD when we go on comparing them with our school or college just imagine BOSS as our borest professor and work as our sadest subject everything will be fine.....have a nice DAY

14 November, 2005 01:03  

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