Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Need Strength

I woke up at my normal time i.e. around 6 am. But took to the bed again as I was on leave. Second time I was woken up by telephone ring. Mom told me that Dad went to Karuna Hospital for his pain in the stomach and the doc suspects stone and has advised to get admitted. I had to rush to the hospital. Dad did seem to have lost strength, maybe on hearing about the stone thing.
Sonography was done and report was to be given in the evening when the doc comes for visit. Doc confirmed the stone and has decided to see if it can be washed off with hydro-therapy else its surgery or laser.
I could not study anything. Dad admitted in hospital and Mom bedridden (though she now manages to get up and has even started to cook). Suddenly feel the need, just one day after I decided to gain back the lost strength.


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