Saturday, December 10, 2005

day of issues and non-issues

The day was as a saturday is but for the meeting with the new DGM, the forex DGM having taken over the charge of domestic operations too. I dont know how far is the news of one lady DGM coming to head the domestic treasury is true. The meeting was as all his (the DGM) meetings are - long and even at the end u dont feel like its ending! Nothing of concerete was finalised except that the mainstay of the today's meeting will be discussed again with the Chief Manager (Dealing) and Manager (Back Office). How typical of public sector (hey, am i getting too critical of public sector - but wait. No, i am not. I fully subscribe to the fact that public sector still has some of the most intelligent and most innovative employees but only if they are allowed to work to their potential....alas!)
With the end of the meeting at around 1 pm, i had no mood to work and was helped by the news that some entries for the 09th of dec were yet to be passed which saved me from working on form a prov right then. Will have to but for sure complete it and send it on monday and that will make monday a bit busy with two proposals also lined up for the day.
Nothing else. Yes tomm going for Neal n Nikki. Dont expect much but it coming from the stable of yashraj films one can look forward to in any case.


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