Wednesday, December 07, 2005

sem 3 comes to end

Its over. Or is it?
With tax paper going seemingly smooth, it seems to be over and i feel a bit realxed at the thought that i may not have to repeat it contrary to the opposite feeling till the time i got the q paper in my hand.

Watched harry porter today, rather slept through the movie. A resolution - never watch it again. Suggestion - watch govinda instead.
Was gifted a watch by JB frds. Really feels nice to know that u among people whom u can call and mean "friends". Fills mind with memories and heart with joy!
Relaxed. Am i? with exams over, i fear the memories of her dont start filling my mind again. But this habit of blogging may help me.
Have plans in lot on this hobby. Better i take them all hog and keep myself away from what gives nothing but pain now.


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