Friday, December 09, 2005

free. am i?

with exams over there is indeed a feeling of being free. However, the happenings in office do give feelings, that one can only wish to avoid. I dont know why he behaves the way he does? I can accept his contention if he displays to the minimal that he is organized and try to focus on what is supposed to be done at the given time instead of wasting his time in just observing others. I am sure that he is not as simple as he projects himself to be. Though i regretted my altercation with him a month back, but i think what happened then was right and i should not have any qualms about it.
Anyway, tomm seems to be a big day with a meeting scheduled to decide who goes from Front office to Back office. We have some favorites and its almost sure that they will continue to be favorites. So the choice narrows down to obvious scapegoats.
Maybe that puts us in a position where we concentrate more on what we are dreaming of - IIM/ISB.
God Bless.


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