Monday, December 12, 2005

another change?

The repurcussions of the sat meeting were felt today. So its almost final that one from the FO will have to move to BO. Who is the only and main question. Its more than clear who are wanted to be moved. But more than that what troubles is the stubbornness of a man who is soon reaching a stage where he may have none but avoiders.
Tomm's gonna be a big day - for all in the frypan.
Could not attend Gym today due to the delay in leaving office by 20 mins and those 20 mins stretched the delay in reaching home to 1 hour. Big cities, big differences!
Will be leaving for office an hour earlier now onwards and will see if i can leave office for home before 5.30 pm. If i can, early departure from home in the mornings will be stuck with.


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