Sunday, April 02, 2006


Sunday Sentiments
by Karan Thapar

Spent most part of the last week with the book. When I say most part I mean the most out of the part which I give to myself after office, classes and studies.
Am half-way through with the book and just as his Sunday column in HT, the book is equally engrossing and thought provoking – well, the book is in fact a collection of his Sunday musings from HT over past many months/years (therefore at times some things seem to be out of time – but then no one minds a diamond which is out of time)

It contains his experiences – most of them – while he interviewed celebrities – from politicians to sportspersons to movie stars. And the best thing I liked is that till now I haven’t come across a single page where he has criticized someone negatively. I loved his positive thoughts on others, and the appreciative attitude towards other people. We come across very few who try to understand and see the logic behind a persons’ words and actions and it takes a very broad mind and a large heart for doing so!

Karan Thapar has both. It is one of the books that I’ll recommend with the prefix “highly”.