Sunday, April 02, 2006


Sunday Sentiments
by Karan Thapar

Spent most part of the last week with the book. When I say most part I mean the most out of the part which I give to myself after office, classes and studies.
Am half-way through with the book and just as his Sunday column in HT, the book is equally engrossing and thought provoking – well, the book is in fact a collection of his Sunday musings from HT over past many months/years (therefore at times some things seem to be out of time – but then no one minds a diamond which is out of time)

It contains his experiences – most of them – while he interviewed celebrities – from politicians to sportspersons to movie stars. And the best thing I liked is that till now I haven’t come across a single page where he has criticized someone negatively. I loved his positive thoughts on others, and the appreciative attitude towards other people. We come across very few who try to understand and see the logic behind a persons’ words and actions and it takes a very broad mind and a large heart for doing so!

Karan Thapar has both. It is one of the books that I’ll recommend with the prefix “highly”.


Anonymous MoodsAndColors said...

Hi Tejbir
I used to read his column religiously when we had subscribed fact used to look forward to two columns...the other was Khushwant Singh's 'Malice ...'. My account of Thapar would have been the same. Thanks for sharing.

13 April, 2006 09:26  
Blogger tejbir said...

hey MoodsAndColors
yeah, in delhi, these two colomns were read by me n all my frds.
but in mumbai till HT came, we were with TOI and missed them.

14 April, 2006 22:34  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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