Saturday, December 18, 2010

Patit Pavitra

Its not that I have not been reading all this while. Its just that I have not been posting!

Completed reading "Patit Pavitra" (Sinner & Pure) by Bhai Vir Singh.

The short essay/narration dwells on the deep rooted caste system in the Indian society and more so in the Sikh religion which was established by breaking down the walls between castes and divisions in the human race based on sex, creed, region etc.

A good two pages of this write up are devoted to the undeniable fact of life that life and death are ever-co-existant and supporting and fighting each. It is described in many examples, few of which are:
1. beautiful sparrows in playful mood among dead wood
2. bulbul (a song bird) singing beautifully while perched on a human skull
3. new plants growing from the wood of a large fallen and dead tree

Describing the facts that Sikh religion was established without any discrimination and was based only on love for One Supreme Being, one of the quotes from Guru Granth Sahib that talks of all saints from all classes of society and equates them:

Bhalo Kabir das dasan ko
uttam Sain jan naee
uch te uch Namdev samdarsi
Ravidas thakur ban ayee
Few quotes that shun the caste in front of the Lord:
1. Aagey jaat roop na jaye Teha hovey jehey karam kamaye
2. Agey jaat na pucchiye karni sabad hai saar
3. Fakad jaati fakad nao Sabna jiya eka cchao

One way caste system that works in God's scheme of things is:
Khasam visaray, te kamjaat Nanak naavey bajh sanaat

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