Monday, October 30, 2006

Beginning of the end!

More than one end start coming my way today and I may reach the cul-de-sac of all of them in next 3 or 4 months and then I will take a turn. Some of such ends are:

1. Office – Put in my study leave application today which in all likelihood will be rejected and will set me free to put in my papers eventually;
2. Work – A year long break from work and boss and deadlines and files and office politics;
3. Mumbai – that’s sad but unavoidable;
4. Blogging? Don’t know! But will resist.

Come April and I will step in my dream institute – IIM Ahmedabad for its one year management program (PGPX). I have absolutely no idea as to where will this turn lead me to.

But the fact is I never thought I will feel so heavy after tendering my sort of resignation from office – I loved the office, I loved the furniture, I loved the paintings on the wall, I loved the phone on my table, I loved my PC (even though it acts weird every Saturday-shanidev is what I call it), and above all I realized today that my boss is indeed a good fella!

But then I firmly believe that life and movement are synonyms. But I had no inkling that matching the two could be this tough. Change is indeed constant but human is too transfixed with constancy to embrace any change.

Want to stay alone today.